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Radio LG CJ45
Powerful 720W sound. It’s time to start a fiery party! Wireless connection of devices. There is no limit to power! Combine 2 devices into one system without unnecessary wires and double the sound power. Auto DJ. The Auto DJ function ensures pause-free playback between songs.
Karaoke star. Party karaoke! Create a soundtrack from any song with just one click – during song playback, activate the “Vocal Removal” function. You can also change the key of the selected song for more comfortable singing. Bluetooth control app. Control the system remotely from mobile devices. Choose songs from the playlist and add effects.
Bluetooth standby. Automatic start of music playback. Playback will start even if the audio system is in sleep mode, just start playing from your smartphone via Bluetooth and the music will automatically play from the speakers of the system. Two USB. 2 USB connectivity for unlimited music file selection.
LG is a popular brand of Korean household appliances. The Korean electronics industry began its explosive growth with the birth of Gold Star in 1958, which released the first refrigerator in 1965. This moment opened a new era. By 1980, the company was in serious competition with the leaders in the production of technology, becoming a creator of new technologies.

LG, as the name of the Gold Star trademark, was born in 1996 in order to carry out a competent marketing strategy. The G is the first letter of Gold Star, a company born in 1958, and the L in LG’s name is taken from Lucky Chemical. The new name has become convenient and quick to pronounce.

The range of products of the company is very wide: refrigerators for household and industrial use, vacuum cleaners and air conditioning systems, freezers, microwave ovens, washing machines. LG factories are located all over the world: in China, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Vietnam.

LG is committed to innovative technology. It already pleases consumers with such innovations as a refrigerator, a microwave oven and an air conditioner with Internet access, digital washing machines.
But such high-tech models are not yet available to everyone, so LG in its work does not forget about the mass consumer, for whom Korean technology is very popular, and produces affordable models. In the Ukrainian market, LG equipment is popular and is presented in a wide range.

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USB, Bluetooth, RCA, AUX, microphone


the black

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720 W

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