Radio receiver column MP3 Golon RX-201 Wooden


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Radio receiver column MP3 Golon RX-201 Wooden The main purpose is to reproduce sound signals from various devices, including mobile phones, players, memory cards and disk drives. It allows you to play your favorite music in high quality almost anywhere, do not depend on the electrical network. Good sensitivity on FM radio! Additional advantages include a telescopic antenna and a foldable handle for easy carrying in the hand. The receiver is powered from a 220v 50Hz network, from a 6V power supply (not included in the package), from a built-in battery or 4 x 1.5V R20 (UM-1) batteries (not included in the package). Great sound, simple controls and ease of use will delight you at home or outdoors. The Golon RX 950 radio receiver has become an indispensable companion at the dacha and rest, at work and at home._x000D_
Specifications: _x000D_
• SD slot and USB connector for playing mp3 files_x000D_
• Output for AUX jack 3.5mm for connecting a phone, tablet player or other sound source_x000D_
• Radio with four bands_x000D_
• Radio frequencies (FM): 88-108MHz_x000D_
• Radio frequencies (SW1): 5.0-10.1MHz_x000D_
• Radio frequencies (SW2): 10.5-20.0MHz_x000D_
• Radio frequencies (AM): 530-1600KHz_x000D_
• Retractable antenna_x000D_
• Folding handle_x000D_
• Charging indicator_x000D_
• Built-in battery_x000D_
• Charged from the network: 110v- 220v 60 / 50Hz or from 6V_x000D_
• Power supply: built-in rechargeable battery or 4 batteries 1,5V type R20 (UM-1) (not included) _x000D_
• Number of speakers: 1_x000D_
• Color: wood_x000D_
• Body material: plastic_x000D_
• Weight (without batteries): 1.5 kg_x000D_
• Size: 28.5 x 18.5 x 8.5 cm_x000D_
What’s in the box: _x000D_
– Column_x000D_
– Cable for 220V_x000D_
– Box_x000D_

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