Radio PHILIPS BTB8000 (BTB8000 / 12)


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Radio PHILIPS BTB8000 (BTB8000 / 12)

Built-in volume meter shows the input signal level
A built-in VU meter indicates the signal level of your music at each source. This allows you to check if the input signal is too high or too low. For models that support external sources such as audio input or Bluetooth, you can adjust the output volume from your devices (if any) to set the music level to an appropriate level to optimize the sound quality from the source.

Bluetooth standby always on for easy reconnection
Once your smart device has been connected once, your Philips music system can be woken up from standby using the Bluetooth function of your smartphone. It also activates the Bluetooth source, making it quick and easy to stream music anytime.

Fast and efficient USB charging for your smart device
The USB port isn’t just for playing music. The intelligent USB power management system allows you to quickly charge your smart device when the music system is in standby mode.

Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers powerful and deeper bass
Bass Reflex Speaker System delivers deep bass from a compact speaker system. It differs from a conventional loudspeaker system by a box in addition to the bass tube, which is acoustically aligned with the woofer to optimize the low frequency response of the system. The result is deeper, controlled bass and lower distortion. The system works by resonating the air mass in the bass tube to vibrate like a normal woofer. Combined with the subwoofer’s response, the system expands the overall low frequency sounds to create a whole new dimension of deep bass.

DAB and FM
DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting), in addition to FM analog transmission, is a new way of broadcasting through a network of terrestrial transmitters. It provides listeners with more options and information delivered with clear sound quality without interference. This technology allows the receiver to capture the strongest signal it can find. With digital DAB stations, frequencies are not memorized and sets are tuned by station name, so there is no return on the go.

Plays MP3-CD, CD and CD-R / RW
MP3 is a revolutionary compression technology that allows large digital music files to be made 10 times smaller without significantly degrading sound quality. MP3 has become the standard audio compression format used on the World Wide Web, making it possible to transfer audio files quickly and easily.

USB Direct for easy MP3 music playback
With full file portability, you can easily enjoy the convenience and fun of accessing digital music via built-in USB Direct.

Treble and Bass Control for adjusting the high and low tone
Treble and Bass are equalizer functions that control the high and low sound levels respectively. Treble specifically controls the boost in high tones in music, while bass controls the boost in low tones. By using the up and down keys, the listener can conveniently place more or less emphasis on the low and high tones, or leave high and low frequencies to play the music according to its original recorded setting. Treble and Bass Control lets you listen to music the way you like it.

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